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Upper Oldman River

The Upper Oldman and Livingstone runs are great intermediate river runs that run through the southern Alberta Rockies before breaking through the Gap and into the plains.

Livingstone River

Grade II+                                                                                                                        The Livingstone River is a continuous river run with sharp corners, steep headwalls and beautiful waterfalls cascading off the sidewalls into the river. 

Download - Livingstone River EAP

Upper Oldman to Dutch Creek


Grade III

The upper Oldman River from the Upper Oldman campground just west of the Forestry Trunk Road down to Dutch Creek is a great run. Small and technical with some nice drops before the river joins the Livingstone. Below the confluence the volume doubles and the river takes a more powerful form. Bigger drops and hidden ledges are some of the challenges for paddlers. Great surfing too.


Gap Run

Grade III

The Gap Run starts right in the middle of the Gap and sneaks between huge boulders before dropping over Gap Falls. Portage is on river right. The rapid below the Falls is the most difficult on the upper Oldman with multiple large ledges and little space in between.

Whaleback Run

Grade II+

The Whaleback Run starts in the shadow of the Livingstone Range and is a great run throughout the spring and summer season. Lots of good surfing and beautiful scenery make this a local favourite.

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