Kayak Sessions

Each of our courses are taught by certified instructors. Paddling gear is included in the cost of each course though feel free to bring your own personal gear.  You can learn all the basics and progress to more challenging skills to help you enjoy the outdoors. 

Everyone needs to fill out a waiver or an acknowledgment of risk form to join our programs. For the Pool Sessions and our Summer Gamps we ask that you fill out the form on this site https://www.pinchocrowcreekers.com/membership 

Outside Programs - if you are joining us for one of the outdoor paddles then you must be a member of the club and pay the annual fee of $30 for an individual or $70 for a family of 4, plus the $5 per person insurance and membership fee . You can find the forms and waivers on the Membership Page 

Pool Sessions

Learn to kayak this winter in a warm pool. Join us on Wednesdays for a drop-in session at the Pincher Creek swimming pool. Our Certified Instructors can show you the basics or work on your roll. We will play some games and get you ready for the summer season.


Wednesday    5:00 - 6:00 pm For children under 18 only

                       5:00 - 7:00 pm For children, teens and adults


Cost: $8.00 for a session

Due to changes in the pool operations and shutdown period, our first pool session this year will start on Wednesday, February 2nd and run through till May 18th.


Please note the time change for the late session starting at 6:00 pm this winter. 

Please review the changes to the Pool Operations due to Covid 

​Learn to Kayak

Fundamentals:  Once a week, mid May to June we will be doing a session at  Lee Lake. Give us a call or send an email if you plan on coming out so we can plan for your session. We will meet you there at 6pm. If you need gear call me an let me know what sizes you will need and I will bring it to the lake. 


Developmentals: We will start running our river sessions in May  to the Crowsnest River. We will be working on ferries and eddy turns and how to paddle safely. Give us a call or send an email if you plan on coming out so we can plan for your session. We will meet you there at 6 pm. If you need gear you can pick it up at Chuck's place beforehand.


Ten dollars for an evening on the water. 

Introduction to River Kayaking

We had a lot of interest last year from families wanting to get their children into a sport program.. Now parents and others want to join in on the fun. This is a great family sport that everyone can participate in and our introductory course will take you from flatwater to the river in two days. The first 1/2 day will be spent on one of our scenic lakes before we head to a winding river with a few small rapids to gain confidence on. This is really where the addiction begins. We will spend the 2nd day building skills and confidence and river safety so that you can keep up with your children and friends.  

$201-204 per adult for a 2 day course. All gear and instruction provided, If you want to make this a family weekend, you can bring your children too for $151-154 each. 

Dates:& Registration Online links

May 22-23 - See the 3 River Rendezvous for our special deal $150 for 2 days

June 4 - 5  https://www.iatspayments.com/saaura/PA5B9CA05E6A63A0E3

June 25 - 26 https://www.iatspayments.com/saaura/PA165B412E328227D4

July 23- 24 - https://www.iatspayments.com/saaura/PAC64085172B34E1F8

Aug 27-28 - https://www.iatspayments.com/saaura/PA476156C3BFFBEBD4

Contact Chuck Lee at 403-628-2336 for more information 

Advanced WW Skills

So you've completed our introduction course and ready for a new challenge. We provide further instruction on river safety and take you to new rivers that suit your skill level.

On special request -