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Clinics & Courses

Each of our courses are taught by certified instructors. Paddling gear is included in the cost of each course though feel free to bring your own personal gear.  You can learn all the basics and progress to more challenging skills to help you enjoy the outdoors. 


Outside Programs - if you are joining us for one of the outdoor paddles then you must be a member of the club and pay the annual fee of $30 for an individual or $70 for a family of 4, plus the $5 per person insurance and membership fee . You can find the forms and waivers on the Membership Page

Summer Camps

​POCC has a long history of great fun summer camps for kids of all ages. Last year we scheduled eight camps and all of the camps were filled. We are hoping that 2024 will be just as successful as last year. The Fundamentals Camps are built for our younger paddlers and the Developmentals Camps are for children 10 and up. But there are no hard and fast rules about ages as each child progresses at different rates. Our one stipulation is that we need to make sure each child is safe and comfortable. We want to stretch them but our goal is to have them enjoy paddling as much as we do. Each camp starts in a beautiful warm lake and progresses from there. The Developmentals Camps progress through the week on Class II river runs.  If you or your child has already mastered the Developmentals Camps, ask about our advanced programs.

 Instructor  training

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Competition Training

The Pinch-o-Crow Creekers offers two levels of competitive training for kayaking, the Developmental Program and the Elite Team Program. All of our competitive training programs build on a solid foundation of sound technique, physical fitness and fun. Our goal is to make you the best paddler that you can be, in whatever discipline(s) you choose. We believe that the best foundation is a strong start in the pool, lake and river - building skills and confidence.


Once the basic skills have been learned, you are ready to start learning precision technique in the slalom gates. Slalom teaches paddlers how to precisely position their boat on the river to avoid hazards and to get where you need to go. 


With good technical paddling we are able to venture out into some wilder rivers and show you some great places to paddle in our region. River running and creekboating is some of the most fun that you can have, seeing new places and exploring new rivers.

While we are out there we will build in some playboating, starting with surfing and controlling your boat on a wave. Then we will help you go way beyond this level to looping and twisting in the air, playing on the water in your boat.


And during our winter season and in between things we will be playing canoe polo, games of water polo played in our kayaks.


Most of all, you will be developing skills that will last a lifetime, forging friendships here and around the country, traveling with our club and the provincial team to events and competitions around Alberta and across North America. ​


Our club athletes have competed for Canada at international competitions in 5 continents and we are recognized for our ability to deliver good paddlers with excellent skills and great attitudes that are great ambassadors for Southwest Alberta.