Summer Camps - 2021

This is where you will find information on our summer day camps.

POCC has a long history of great fun summer camps for kids of all ages. Last year we scheduled seven camps but because of user demand we built 2 more camps and all of the camps were filled. We are hoping that 2021 will be just as successful as last year. The Fundamentals Camps are built for our younger paddlers and the Developmentals Camps are for children 10 and up. But there are no hard and fast rules about ages as each child progresses at different rates. Our one stipulation is that we need to make sure each child is safe and comfortable. We want to stretch them but our goal is to have them enjoy paddling as much as we do. Each camp starts in a beautiful warm lake and progresses from there. The Developmentals Camps progress through the week on Class II river runs.  If you or your child has already participated in one of our camps ask about our advanced programs.

Advanced 5 Day Camp

This year we are offering an advanced kayak camp for people that have taken the Developmentals Camp and are ready for the next step. We will set things up with our top Instructors, gear and boats. We will do a review and then start hitting all the great rivers in our region, progressing onto more difficult runs as we move through the week. River safety will be an important component of our instruction through the week. 

Volunteer Credits 

The May Long Weekend May 21-24 is our club's biggest fundraiser. This year we have to fit the Provincial Covid Health guidelines for our event. They are allowing private campgrounds to operate and outdoor and takeout food services.

What we will be offering is a chance for clubs and their members to come down to the Castle River Rodeo Campground to camp out for the weekend. The kitchen will be open for food services that people can pick up and eat in the outdoor compound or take back to their campsite.


We need help to prepare the food and clean up afterwards for Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings and Saturday and Sunday nights.  We have a reputation for serving great meals for paddlers.


Anyone that volunteers for 1 or more shifts will get a credit towards our camps and courses. The credit is $20/hr for adults and $15/hr for teens. Usually each meal is about 2 to 2.5 hrs from 8:00 - 10:00 am or 5:00 - 7:00 pm. 

FUNdamentals Kayak Camp


The club offers a specially designed kids camp for children ages 7-11. We have seen lots of interest from our little ones to get paddling in the pool. And we have taken that to the next step – the lake and maybe a lazy river.

The FUNdamentals kids camp will go out to the lake for a full day program that will focus on the joy and freedom of kayaking. We will explore local places to paddle, find turtles and have a lot of fun outdoors on the water.

The camp provides certified instruction and all the equipment.  You bring change of clothing, swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, water and lunch.

The camps are open to anyone 7 years and over. But it is important for children to be ready and capable of being on their own for the day. We have a duty of care for all the children in the camps, therefore children that cannot behave appropriately will be sent home immediately. 

Dates:    July 6 - 8, 2021     July 20 - 22, 2021   Aug 3 - 5, 2021    Aug 17 - 19, 2021

               August 24 - 26


Cost:      $ 150 for three days​

Developmentals Kayak Camp

The Pinch-o-Crow Creekers is offering Summer Kayak Camps on the river this year. Spend a week  of fun-filled, summer days on the water with other kids from 9:00 to 4:00 who are going to be having a blast on the water in a whitewater kayak.

The camps are open to anyone 10 and over with good swimming skills. 

Its SAFE - BUT CHALLENGING   with our fully certified instructors. Our POCC club has trained 100's of kids to paddle, including many who went on to compete for the Provincial team across Canada and the Canadian team around the world.

Dates: June 28 - July 2    July 12 - 16    July 26 - 30    August 9 - 13     

Cost: $275 for the 5 day week



-  All equipment: boats, paddles, lifejackets, helmets, wetsuits, booties, jackets

-  Instruction and coaching

-  Transportation will be arranged

You Need:

-  Change of clothing, rainjacket

-  Swimsuit and towel

-  Lunch & water

-  a Smile

What Happens: 

We start on a warm water lake, practicing flipping the kayaks and getting out.  Next you learn to paddle the kayak in a straight line. Then we show you how to roll your kayak upright. Our favorite games are tag, football and looking for turtles.

The 2nd day we move to an easy river, the Crowsnest or Boulder Run depending on seasonal water conditions. You’ll learn about reading the river, eddy turns, ferries and paddling through waves.

The 3rd day we go back to the Fundamentals and river safety skills before we get back on the river to improve our skills.

Day 4 we are exploring a different river and running rapids and dropping some small ledges.

Day 5 we finish the week on a mystery river.

This is a great way to engage in a fun sport with other kids. Each day starts at 9am and finishes at 4:00 pm with flexibility for pick up times.  Everyone needs a big lunch with lots of water, a bathing suit and towel, a change of dry clothes  and a whole lot of energy. 

This camp works on the FUNdamental and Developmental skills for kayaking. Paddles who have completed this camp will have a solid understanding of kayaking on the river and safety skills around moving water.  They will also have developed physical literacy skills of balance, propulsion and steering control that will be useful for a lifetime of fun on the water in any type of boat or watercraft.

Once you pick a camp you need to fill out the waiver form or the acknowledgment of risk form.  There is no cost to this if you go to this website.

pinch o crow creekers membership 

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