Emergency Action Plans for the Crowsnest River

To ensure a safe and fun day on the river be prepared with an Emergency Action Plan for your group. We have created plans with maps including rapid classifications emergency numbers and spaces to fill in your own emergency information. All of our favourite runs will be included here soon in PDF, if you have some great pictures to add from your trip please send them to us.

Lower Crowsnest

Grade II-

A great beginner run with lots of eddies and friendly waves. Starts below Lundbreck on the wooden bridge and take out at Todd Creek picnic area



Falls Run on the Crow

Grade II

The next step up, this beginner run has a nice mix of little ledges, strong eddy lines and surfable waves. Starts at the Lundbreck Falls campground and runs down to the wooden bridge below Lundbreck. 

Crowsnest Hwy 507 to L. Falls

Grade II-

This is a great adventure for any beginner or novice paddler, sharp turns and great scenery. Starts at Hwy 507 bridge and ends above Lundbreck Falls.


Crowsnest East Hillcrest to Burmis

Grade II

East Hillcrest to Hwy 507. ​

Crowsnest Frank to East Hillcrest

Grade II.

From the boulder sieve below Frank Lake underneath the slide to the East Hillcrest Bridge. Good run with lots of fast paced action  ​

Blairmore Slalom Course

This small creek run on the Crowsnest River is right downtown in Blairmore. Easily accessible from the middle entrance into town, there are 10 gates permanently hung for slalom practice. Please raise the gates after you are finished.

West Blairmore to Frank

Grade II.

This small creek run on the Crowsnest River right through Blairmore and down to Frank. Easily accessible from the Lost Lemon Mine campground, there are lots of good eddies and fast runs on this section down to Frank. Fisheries mitigation work in 1990 has created lots of good eddies and small surf waves.

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