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Pool and Lake Kayak Instructor training course

Chuck Lee and the The Pinch-o-Crow Creekers are offering the NCCP/Canoe Kayak Canada Pool and Lake Kayak Instructor certification training course on April 20 - 21. The first morning will be spent in the classroom going over the framework for paddling sports, the paddling progression, equipment before moving to the lake. We will go to the pool in the late afternoon. We will review fundamentals, the teaching progression, and safety plans. The 2nd day we will be on the lake polishing skills and building teaching techniques for kayaking.

The course is open to anyone 14 and over with good paddling skills.


All equipment:








Instruction and coaching

You Need:

Change of clothing

long johns

socks and sweater

Swimsuit and towel

Lunch & water

a Smile

The fee for the course is. $100 for the Pool Kayak Instructor only and $200 for the Pool and Lake Kayak Instructor combined.  

There is a one time certification fee from CanoeKayak Canada of $90 for the Pool Kayak Instructor or pay $120 for both levels. This fee is good for any number of NCCP/CKC courses that you take in the calendar year and lasts for 3 years. 

Anyone that volunteers or works for the club either part time or full time this year will get a reimbursement of the course fees at a rate of $40/day for employees and $80/day for volunteers.

All of the courses will take place in the Pincher Creek Pool, Lee Lake and Lundbreck areas

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