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FUNdamentals Kayak Camps

The club offers a specially designed kids camp for children ages 7-11. We have seen lots of interest from our little ones to get paddling in the pool. And we have taken that to the next step – the lake and an easy river on the last afternoon.

The FUNdamentals kids camp will go out to the lake for a full day program that will focus on the joy and freedom of kayaking. We will explore local places to paddle, find turtles, watch eagles, osprey and loons and have a lot of fun outdoors on the water.

The camp provides certified instruction and all the equipment.  You bring change of clothing, swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, water and lunch.

The camps are open to anyone 7 years and over. But it is important for children to be ready and capable of being on their own for the day. We have a duty of care for all the children in the camps, therefore children that cannot behave appropriately will be sent home immediately.



 $ 205 for three days

Once you pick a camp you need to fill out the waiver form or the acknowledgment of risk form.  

Scholarships are available from KidSport for families in need.

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