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Canoe Polo Clinic

Alberta Canoe Polo Association is offering a free 1/2 day clinic in the Pincher Creek swimming pool on Saturday, April 1 to promote the sport of playing polo in your kayak.

This is a is a fun team sport and great way to stay active in your kayak over the winter. The clinic will run for 3 hours in the pool from 9-12 in the morning, followed by a chalk talk afterwards for an hour.

We are asking for a $20 advance payment that is refundable for anyone that pays and shows up. At the door registration will be $20 - but non-refundable. Doors will open at 8:30 to load in boats and get changed.

Includes: -

All equipment: polo boats, polo paddles, polo vests, caged helmets, and skirts -

Instruction and coaching from Darryl & Dale O'Brien

You Need: 

Swimsuit and towel

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