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Emergency Action Plans - Castle River

The Castle River is close to Pincher Creek and is easily accessible river with a variety of easy and intermediate level runs - Class II to III, depending on water levels.

EAP - Castle Falls to Hwy 507

The Castle River from the Falls down to Highway 507 is a great run starting with the slide at the Falls and then the 3 big drops on the reach down to the Carbondale. Lots of flat stretches down to Hwy 507 but watch out for the S bend rapid just below Kirk's cabin.

EAP - Rodeo Grounds to Canyon

Class II

A short run with some teaching eddies just below the campground. The last corner above the bridge has some bigger waves and a nice drop.

Castle Canyon

Class III

The Castle Canyon is a classic run that is reasonable quick. The Canyon has a series of nice drops with some good surfing at certain water levels. The better surfs are below the Canyon on the way down to the old Gravel Pit where a long walk up from the river awaits you.

Lower Castle

Class II

The Lower Castle is fairly mellow but it does have some awesome surfing wavers. Put in at the old Gravel Pit and take out on the old Highway near the Pincher Creek airport.

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