Members &  Club Equipment

Paddling sports are gear intensive and there are lots of disciplines in paddling sports. And there is a range of quality of equipment and gear in each aspect of our sport. Trying to get fully outfitted for 1 disicipline in our sport is a minimum of $1,000 and often $2,500 for good quality equipment. People often pick up their first kayak for a few hundred dollars but then find that the boat, paddle and equipment does not meet their long term needs. 

The Pinch-o-Crow Creekers is trying to help out by making our equipment available to locals so you can find their niche in the paddling world. Once you know what works for you, then you will know more about what to buy and where to find it. 

The Pinch-o-Crow Creekers has an assortment of paddling gear and equipment that we make available to OUR MEMBERS. The club does not rent out equipment but we do provide members the opportunity to borrow kayaks, canoes, stand-up-paddleboards, paddles, lifejackets, wetsuits, booties, helmets and paddling tops. If you borrow the equipment you are responsible for it return in a timely manner in the same condition as when you took it out. 

You can take out the equipment for a day, a weekend or multi-days as long as the club is not going to be needing it for one of our club camps or programs. 

How to Book and Pickup 

All of the equipment is currently located at Chuck and Susan Lee's residence. In order to use the equipment you will need to let Chuck and/or Sue know what type of equipment you want and the dates that you want to use the equipment.

The club reserves the right to hold back equipment for our camps and programs.

If the equipment you are asking for is available then we will plan for a time to pick up the boats and equipment from our place. You will need to have roof racks or a pickup truck and straps to transport the boats. All soft gear needs to go inside your vehicle so that it arrives safely to its destination. 

We will talk about returning the equipment when we meet you. 


As a member of the club you get to borrow the equipment at no cost. 

Individual Membership $30.00

Family Membership $70.00

Insurance Fee $5.00/person

Cleaning Fees

This year the club is cleaning and washing all the equipment after it is used. This is soap and water cleaning that will help to prevent the spread of any virus from one individual to the next. To help us offset the manpower cost for this service we are charging an in-out fee of $10.00 per set of equipment. If you are borrowing 3 sets of gear for 2 days your fee will be $30.00. If it was for only 1 day it is still $30.00.   

Whitewater - River Kayaks

The Club's bread and butter is whitewater river kayaking. We have a range of plastic whitewater river kayaks for children to large adults with several different tried and true models that work well. There is some creek boats and some slicey models in the mix but generally they are well built staples for teaching and progressing into Grade III whitewater. 

Slalom Kayaks and C1's

The club has 7 plastic K1's and 5 composite kevlar/carbon fibre K1's and 3 composite kevlar/carbon fibre C1's. These are great boats for members to use for training for competition. You must have a great roll to take out the composite boats because they do require a lot more care and repair if they go for a swim. 


The club has 4 children sized playboats and 4 adult sized freestyle boats. 

Sea Kayaks and Downriver Kayaks

The club has 4 plastic Sea Kayaks and 4 composite Downriver Kayaks that can be taken to the lake or easy river runs. 


The club has 6 inflatable SUP's for members to use. They come in a backpack for easy loading and transport. 


The club has 2 river Royalex canoes for members. 

Paddles, PFD's, Helmets, Wetsuits, Booties, Paddling Tops

The club has all the equipment necessary to go out and be safe and comfortable on the water. 

A proud member club of the

Alberta Whitewater Association 


P.O Box 162
Lundbreck, Alberta

Tel: 403-628-2336


Call us about what is running and where to paddle !